India has seen the substantial growth in the production of plastics and its increased consumption. In the absence of ample waste collection, segregation process and disposing or recycling it safely, plastic EPR came into action and According to the 2016 Plastic Waste Management Rules, producers of plastic waste are required to take measures to reduce their production of plastic waste and to fulfill their Plastic EPR Compliance by disposing designated volumes of plastic that they have produced and positioned in the market.


Registered PIBOs can post their requirements of EPR liability with state, grade wise breakup and solicite bids


PWM & WMA: Automatically receive inquiries in their mailbox, and they can submit their competitive bids within the allotted period.


PIBOs can download quotation comparative statement and release Purchase order to be successful PWP.

As an EPR company , we are committed to recycling plastic and keeping it out of landfills. We partner with local municipalities and businesses to collect used plastic that would otherwise be thrown away. This plastic is then recycled and made into new products. By recycling plastic, we are able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, and conserve resources.
EPR plastic is used in packaging for a variety of products, from food to electronics. It produces different types of products.
EcoEx offers the best Plastic EPR services.

What is plastic-epr credit certification & why it is necessary?

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