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Plastic Credit Certificate enables an organization to affirm its conformity with the Extended Producer Responsibility

EPR Services

EcoEx is the first Indian digital marketplace assist in plastic waste management & electronic waste services. To help you reach specific waste management goals we've devised 2 fundamental EPR services for plastic waste, electronic waste producers.


In Plastic EPR, It's the responsibility of a plastic producer for the environmentally sound management of the products until the end of its life. And in our digital platform we help recyclers meet the producers and the brand owners for the safe disposal or recycling of plastic waste and help them to achieve their EPR target


E-Waste Rules in India have evolved the concept of EPR. To guarantee the ecologically sound management of electrical and electronic equipment waste, it is the duty of every manufacturer of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) to channel e-waste to an approved dismantler or recycler.

CPCB Registrations

Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) regime is under implementation in Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016, according to which it is the responsibility of Producers, Importers and Brand-owners to ensure processing of their plastic packaging waste through recycling, re-use or end of life disposal (such as co-processing/Waste-to-energy/Plasticto-oil/roadmaking/industrial-composting).We help you get registered on the CPCB portal.


Waste Commodity Trades

One stop shop for all kind of waste commodities. All registered members can buy or sell their waste products in the platform Ecoex consciously putting efforts to help the recyclers from informal sector to help them improve/expand their business and to become part of formal sector the already existing vast pool of members are already trading and getting optimal prices and the portal also facilitates online payment as a part of our services furthermore all the transactions happening in the portal are properly recorded with auditable logs for any kind of future audits. Transactions are time stopped and available in the respective dashboards of members going forward Ecoex will also implement escrow account module soon.


we are selling plastic waste commodities which includes flakes, granules, pellets and fibres.


Technology consulting

We are extending technology consulting services to setup the recycling unit, waste to energy plant and waste to oil plants to help them grow and eliminate their challenges in the industry. We would be giving alternative options to the recycling unit, waste to energy plant and waste to oil plant related to new technology coming and making the process more efficient for them.

Eco friendly products

We are trying to make our business more sustainable and to launch eco-friendly products that doesn’t threaten the environment and to utilize the natural resources appropriately.

Biodegradable Carry Bags

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Equitable,Transparent & direct exchange of Plastic Credit
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